Table 2

Description of household poverty exposure variables

Monetary povertyThe monetary poverty variable obtained by parental interview included the three lowest deciles of household equivalised income (computed as three binary dummy variables).
Subjective sense of povertyFor the subjective sense of poverty, participants were asked ‘concerning your household’s total monthly or weekly income, with which degree of ease or difficulty is the household able to make ends meet?’. If a participant responded with great difficulty or difficulty, they were coded as having a high subjective sense of poverty.
Material povertyFor material poverty, participants were asked questions about household deprivation and could indicate three options in response to having a household item ‘yes’, or ‘no’, ‘can’t afford or no, other reason’. See online supplemental table 1 for material deprivation index survey questions. A total score was obtained of items to compute a material deprivation index. For group-based trajectory analysis, material deprivation was grouped into six categories of scores (0-1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6+ score).