Table 1

Characteristics of study participants

All participants recruitedParticipants in IgG-S analysesParticipants in IgG-N analyses
Age, years
 Women11 318568785898556
 White17 62688124182139180
 Other ethnicity2526132711835420
Townsend Deprivation Index†
 Less deprived6971354533057133
 More deprived4975254713146327
UK region
 East Midlands12016765905
 East of England9385534603
 North East8324443634
 North West2175111671120512
 South East2604131661119311
 South West13797654875
 West Midlands1407711381237
 Yorkshire and the Humber158289661398
All20 19510015141001749100
  • IgG-S antibody analyses restricted to SARS-CoV-2 cases with one or more IgG-S tests following diagnosis. IgG-N antibody analyses restricted to SARS-CoV-2 cases with IgG-N test following diagnosis.

  • *Excludes participants of unknown ethnicity.

  • †Area-level derived measure of socioeconomic deprivation (categories are defined as: <−2 (less deprived), −2 to <2 (average), 2+ (more deprived)).