Table 3

The multivariate output for models where COVID-19-related mortality was the dependent variable (both panels) and sex, age and ethnicity were the independent variables (left panel) or sex, age, ethnicity and childhood adversity were the independent variables (right panel)

VariableBase model (without adversity): predicting mortalityModel without adversity predicting mortality
ORs95% CIP valueORs95% CIP value
 Intercept0.000.00 to 0.00<0.0010.000.00 to 0.00<0.001
 Ethnicity: other (white ref.)1.080.27 to 4.350.9180.970.24 to 3.930.966
 Ethnicity: black (white ref.)4.561.44 to 14.460.0103.931.23 to 12.510.021
 Ethnicity: Asian (white ref.)2.100.67 to 6.630.2041.900.60 to 6.000.273
 Sex (female reference)2.421.76 to 3.32<0.0012.481.81 to 3.41<0.001
 Age (at recruitment)2.341.93 to 2.82<0.0012.361.95 to 2.86<0.001
 Childhood adversity1.251.11 to 1.42<0.001
Random effects
 Observations151 200151 200
 Marginal R2/conditional R20.226/0.2310.236/0.241
  • Bold values are statistically significant at p<0.05.

  • ICC, Intraclass Correlation Coefficient.