Table 1

Dimension, indicator and weighting of the Multidimensional Energy Poverty Index (MEPI)

DimensionIndicator (weighting)VariableDeprivation threshold
CookingUsing biomass for cooking (0.2)Type of cooking fuelUse any fuel beside electricity, LPG, kerosene, natural gas or biogas
Indoor pollution (0.2)Household has separate room used as kitchenHousehold has no separate room used as kitchen and cooks in the house, if using any fuel beside electricity, LPG, natural gas or biogas*
Where cooking is usually done
LightingElectricity access (0.2)Household has access to electricityHousehold has no access to electricity
Household appliancesHousehold appliance ownership (0.13)Household has a fridgeHousehold has no fridge
Entertainment/educationEntertainment/education appliance ownership (0.13)Household has a radioHousehold has no radio or television
Household has a television
CommunicationTelecommunication means (0.13)Household has a mobile phoneHousehold has no mobile phone or land line phone
Household has a land line phone
  • Source: Nussbaumer et al.5

  • *Replacing the indicator ‘Food cooked on stove or open fire (no hood/chimney)’ of the original MEPI by ‘indoor, if using any fuel beside electricity, LPG, natural gas or biogas’.40 41

  • LPG, liquefied petroleum gas.