Table 1

Characteristics of the sample at baseline

Proportion of sample
Age (years)
 Black/African American3%8%
 Asian/Asian American2%5%
 Mixed Race3%3%
 High school or less3%14%
 Some college17%35%
Marital status
 Single, never married20%26%
 Single, divorced or widowed16%16%
 In a relationship/married, living apart6%6%
 In a relationship/married, cohabiting58%52%
Employment status
Household income
 <US$75 00045%54%
 ≥US$75 00055%46%
Mental health problem37%38%
Physical health problem or disability37%40%
Had COVID-19 (diagnosed or suspected)8%8%
Mean (SD)
Depressive symptoms (PHQ-9)7.60 (5.79)8.00 (6.27)
Anxiety symptoms (GAD-7)5.96 (5.22)5.93 (5.42)
Life satisfaction5.71 (2.30)5.52 (2.49)
  • Note. Mental health problem includes clinically diagnosed anxiety, clinically diagnosed depression, or other clinically diagnosed mental health problem. Physical health problem or disability includes diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, cancer, another clinically diagnosed chronic physical health condition, a disability that affects ability to leave the house, or another disability.

  • GAD-7, Generalised Anxiety Disorder-7; PHQ-9, Patient Health Questionnaire-9.