Table 1

Plans for COVID-19 vaccination and reasons for vaccine hesitancy

Raw n (weighted %)
Plans for vaccination
 Already received vaccine185 (9.1)
 Plan to get the vaccine1273 (66.9)
 No643 (24.0)
Concerns about vaccine (regardless of vaccination status/plan)
 Worried vaccine is not safe750 (29.7)
 Worried vaccine may have side effects941 (50.4)
 Feel not at risk so don’t need vaccine175 (6.0)
 Already had COVID-19 so don’t believe vaccine is necessary55 (1.7)
 Don’t trust distribution process of vaccine346 (14.8)
 Don’t have any concerns687 (38.8)
 Other*126 (5.8)
  • Subjects were allowed to select multiple response options.

  • *Other concerns reported by participants are detailed in the online supplemental table.