Table 3

Distribution of adverse experiences between ages 0 and 16, conditional on labour market outcome groups at age 22

Adverse experiencesStudents with side jobs (%)Early workers (%)Non-working students (%)Inactive individuals (%)SIGNIFICANT PAIRWISE COMPARISONS‡
Peer influences
 Bullying victimisation4.–4, 2–4, 3–4
 Peer rejection3.–4, 2–4, 3–4
Loss or threat of loss
 Familial death2.*
 Illness of a sibling7.58.711.610.3*
 Illness of a parent25.326.323.229.8*
Material deprivation
 Parental unemployment6.*
 Financial difficulties3.–4, 2–4†
Family dynamics
 Familial conflicts5.37.35.821.21–4, 2–4, 3–4
 Parental divorce12.922.715.845.81–4, 2–4, 3–4, 1–2
 Parental mental health19.120.119.733.7*
 Parental addiction1.52.91.911.01–4, 2–4, 3–4
 Sexual abuse2.74.44.512.71–4, 2–4, 3–4
 Physical abuse3.13.63.914.21–4, 2–4, 3–4
 Emotional abuse10.714.412.924.21–4, 2–4, 3–4
  • *Not included in the pairwise comparison analyses due to non-significant omnibus test.

  • †Likely to reflect a false-positive finding.

  • ‡ Numbers depicted in this column refer to the four labour market group, from left to right, respectively.