Table 4

Results from latent growth curve models for internalising and externalising symptoms and homelessness*

ParametersHomeless versus never homeless
β (SE)P value
Model of internalising trajectories
Intercept (age 9)0.219 (0.057)<0.001
Slope0.005 (0.028)0.867
Covariance between intercept and slope−0.042 (0.013)0.001
Model of externalising trajectories
Intercept (age 9)0.211 (0.057)<0.001
Slope0.016 (0.027)0.559
Covariance between intercept and slope−0.039 (0.010)<0.001
  • *All models adjusted for child ethnicity and sex, maternal education, number of financial difficulties, parity, maternal depression and maternal age.