Table 1

Decomposition of excess mortality by cause of death

65–79 80+ 65–79 80+
CI observed total mortality−0.192−0.0966−0.176−0.0792
CI predicted mortality−0.189−0.0911−0.165−0.0723
CI excess mortality−0.238−0.164−0.256−0.135
 SE 0.1060.06390.05060.031
Share of total observed deaths0.06980.0760.1150.11
Contribution to CI total mortality−0.0166−0.0124−0.0293−0.0149
CI observed mortality−0.326−0.164−0.236−0.143
Share of total observed deaths0.0960.1310.1220.159
Contribution to CI excess mortality−0.031−0.0215−0.0284−0.0227
Circulatory diseases
CI predicted mortality−0.232−0.0749−0.209−0.0672
CI observed mortality−0.224−0.0754−0.187−0.0673
Share of total observed deaths0.1750.2580.2050.245
Contribution to CI excess mortality0.0005530.0004040.002730.0000997
Respiratory diseases
CI predicted mortality−0.334−0.146−0.312−0.154
CI observed mortality−0.323−0.141−0.323−0.128
Share of total observed deaths0.0720.0580.0630.076
Contribution to CI excess mortality0.006810.003960.002120.00441
Mental disorder mortality
CI predicted mortality−0.278−0.142−0.259−0.117
CI observed mortality−0.263−0.134−0.294−0.106
Share of total observed deaths0.040.1190.0300.077
Cause-specific contribution to CI0.002110.003550.0003770.00237
Cancer mortality
CI predicted mortality−0.107−0.034−0.0987−0.0297
CI observed mortality−0.103−0.0253−0.109−0.0351
Share of total observed deaths0.4110.1450.380.213
Cause-specific contribution to CI0.001490.00128−0.00364−0.000973
Other mortality
CI predicted mortality−0.233−0.0951−0.18−0.0681
CI observed mortality−0.224−0.0968−0.191−0.0635
Share of total observed deaths0.2050.2900.20.229
Cause-specific contribution to CI0.00346−0.000133−0.002510.0019
  • This table summarises the decomposition of total mortality inequality in 2020 into causes of death categories. Mortality inequality is measured using the concentration index (CI). Deaths are divided into six causes: COVID-19, circulatory deaths, deaths from mental disorders, cancer deaths, respiratory disease deaths and other causes. For the full table, see table C1 in online supplemental appendix C.