Table 2

Raw participant cognitive test scores and comparison with excluded sample.

Analytic sample (n=4481), median (IQR) Excluded sample
(n=2959), median (IQR)
P value
Processing speed335 (117)331 (119)0.550
Processing accuracy3 (5)3 (4)<0.001*
Verbal fluency24 (8)23 (8)<0.001*
Recall (immediate)7 (2)7 (1)<0.001*
Recall (delayed)6 (3)5 (3)<0.001*
  • *Significant differences between included and excluded sample characteristics presented at the level ɑ≤0.05 as indicated by t tests and Pearson’s χ2 test. Processing accuracy is the count of errors (missed letters) on two-letter cancellation task and is inversely scored.