Table 2

ITS analysis (GEE, Poisson regression) assessing change in level and slope of depression-related or anxiety-related work disability (annual number of work disability months) among rehabilitative psychotherapy recipients n(participants)=10 436, n(observations)=83 488

IRRStandard errorP value95% CI
Intercept1.340.02<0.0011.28 to 1.40
Change in level (immediate)0.800.03<0.0010.76 to 0.85
Change in slope (gradual)0.520.02<0.0010.50 to 0.54
Slope before intervention1.730.02<0.0011.68 to 1.78
  • Crude model.

  • GEE, generalised estimating equation; IRR, incidence rate ratio; ITS, interrupted time series.