Table 2

Inequalities in the age-standardised COVID-19 YLL rate in Scotland, 2020 and 2021

YLL rate (ASR per 100 000)
(1) Most deprived fifth30943005
(5) Least deprived fifth1070788
Measures of inequality
Absolute difference between most and least deprived fifth (ASR per 100 000 population)20242217
Relative difference between most and least deprived fifth2.893.81
SII (ASR per 100 000 population)24142652
Attributable YLL (%)41.051.1
  • ‘Attributable YLL’ is the theoretical percentage of the YLL rate that could have been averted if all socioeconomic groups had the same YLL ASR as the least deprived group.

  • ASR, age-standardised rate; RII, Relative Index of Inequality; SII, Slope Index of Inequality; YLL, years of life lost to premature mortality.