Table 2

Measures of socioeconomic position in studies with older populations

Type of measureNo of studies using type of measure*,†
Objective income71
Employment/occupational classification25
Housing tenure22
Subjective assessment of economic circumstance19
Area deprivation or other area level measure16
Household material deprivation4
Health insurance status4
House value3
Composite measure comprising 2+indicators3
Car ownership2
Geography profile of residence2
Living arrangements§2
Proportion of life working part time1
Marital status§1
Perceived access to healthcare§1
Out of pocket payments for healthcare1
Poverty income ratio1
Poverty threshold status1
  • *Number of studies not mutually exclusive as studies often used multiple measures.

  • †Figure does not represent the total number of measures as some studies used multiple versions of one type of measure (eg, two types of area deprivation measure).

  • ‡Some measures were net (ie, accounted for debt and outgoings).

  • §Described as socioeconomic measures but their relevance to socioeconomic position unclear in publication.