Table 2

Prevalence of employment and working conditions, psychosocial exposure, health characteristics and drug consumption, by type of employment and sex (%)

Frontline workersNon-frontline workers
Employment and working conditions
Temporary contract28.815.321.923.317.020.3
Salary sometimes, only once or never covers basic needs39.426.
Psychosocial exposure
Exposed to high emotional demands71.857.764.470.869.070.0
Exposed to low social support44.
Exposed to high job insecurity27.431.729.537.039.538.2
Exposed to high work–family conflict49.247.848.656.453.655.1
Exposed to high strain50.738.544.340.836.939.0
Health characteristics and drug consumption
Worse general health than before the state of alarm45.528.836.646.633.937.4
At high risk of suffering poor mental health:68.746.956.860.344.152.6
Increased tranquiliser consumption among those who were taking them before the state of alarm*39.326.434.241.529.337.4
Started to consume tranquilisers during the state of alarm†20.59.714.714.98.711.9
Increased painkiller (opioid) consumption among those who were taking them before the state of alarm*32.521.628.528.117.324.7
Started to consume painkillers (opioids) during the state of alarm†
  • *Category not shown: same dose.

  • †Category not shown: still not consuming.