Table 2

Association of outcomes with depression

Employment categoryOR95% CIP valueComplete obs (N)OR (MR scale)95% CI (MR scale)
Not in paid employment2.272.21 to 2.330.0E+00228 8931.281.27 to 1.29
Sick/disabled6.276.02 to 6.530.0E+00185 4211.741.72 to 1.76
Caring for home/family1.431.35 to 1.512.2E-34182 2091.111.09 to 1.13
Retired1.381.33 to 1.442.3E-51204 3991.101.09 to 1.12
Unemployed2.131.99 to 2.284.3E-104178 7931.261.23 to 1.28
Outcome Beta 95% CI P value Complete obs (N) Beta (MR scale) 95%CI (MR scale)
Townsend Deprivation
0.800.765 to 0.830.0E+00230 4740.240.231 to 0.25
Hours worked−1.09−1.25 to to 0.932.8E-39171 618−0.33−0.38 to –0.28
Number in household−0.23−0.25 to 0.222.3E-208229 857−0.07−0.074 to –0.065
Outcome OR 95%CI P value Complete obs (N) OR (MR scale) 95%CI (MR scale)
Highest educational
0.830.815 to 0.852.2E-65229 0410.950.94 to 0.952
Household income0.530.515 to 0.540.0E+00206 5470.820.819 to 0.83
  • All associations are adjusted for age, sex, study assessment centre, and genetic principal components. Results for household income were obtained with or without additional adjustment for number in household (winsorised to 12). These results were not qualitatively different, results with adjustment are reported. Associations transformed onto the MR scale (columns suffixed ‘(MR Scale)’) assumed a depression prevalence of 15%