Table 3

Association of ICF disability severity with mortality

No disability8.49 (8.24–8.74)0 (ref.)1 (ref.)
Mild disability15.26 (14.3–16.23)6.77 (5.81–7.74)1.80 (1.68–1.92)
Moderate disability36.84 (32.8–40.88)28.35 (24.31–32.38)4.34 (3.88–4.85)
Severe/complete disability88.85 (68.81–108.9)80.36 (60.31–100.40)10.46 (8.33–13.14)
  • *SR per 1000 person-years, with the baseline total population distribution of age, sex, living with a partner and education as standard.

  • ICF, International Classification of Functioning Disability and Health; SR, standardised rate; SRD, standardised rate difference; SRR, standardised rate ratio.