Table 1

Sample characteristics of children aged 36–59 months in Bangladesh (weighted percentage or mean and n=unweighted)

CharacteristicsNumber of children (n=unweighted)% (weighted)
Sex of the child
Child age in months (mean±SD)939547.2 (6.9)
 36–47 months477751.1
 48–59 months461848.9
Size of the child (information is unavailable for all sample)
 Larger than average1371.4
 Smaller than average2552.8
Child nutritional status
 Height for age (WHO) (mean±SD)93943.0 (20.5)
Caregiver’s stimulation
 Ever attended ECE177119.3
 Maternal age in years (mean±SD)920528.6 (6.0)
Maternal age (categories)
 15–19 years2242.5
 20–24 years249626.8
 25–29 years275430.0
 30–34 years213223.3
 35–39 years113012.2
 40–49 years4695.2
Maternal education
 High secondary+129114.4
Paternal education
 High secondary+123816.1
Household wealth quintiles
 Winter (January–March)508556.2
 Summer (April–June)431043.8
Types of cooking fuels
 Clean fuels132618.6
 Solid fuels806981.8
Technologies/cookstoves for cooking
 Clean fuel stove132618.6
 Solid fuel stove806981.4
 Chimney/fan in solid fuel stove3554.1
Cooking place
 Separate room358237.4
Levels of exposure to HAP
 Moderately exposed601762.6
 Highly exposed205218.8
ECD indicators
 Literacy–numeracy (not on track)670871.1
 Physical (not on track)1381.4
 Socioemotional (not on track)258927.2
 Learning-cognition (not on track)9038.6
 ECDI (not on track)251625.3
  • ECD, early childhood development; ECDI, Early Childhood Development Index; ECE, early childhood education; HAP, household air pollution.