Table 2

Distribution of the allostatic load biomarkers

Biological systemBiomarkerUnitMeanSDNumberCut-off MenCut-off Women
Cardiovascular and pulmonary systemSystolic blood pressuremm Hg132.3717.2090 234>146>138
Diastolic blood pressuremm Hg78.549.8690 234>87>82
FEV1:FVC0.790.0766 891<0.75<0.76
Anthropometric systemWaist to hip ratiowaist (cm)/hip (cm)0.880.0991 853>0.99>0.87
Metabolic systemFasting glucosemmol/L5.520.9489 223>5.99>5.56
Total cholesterol to HDL ratio4.011.4887 732>4.92>4.11
Triglyceridemmol/L1.210.7489 041>1.59>1.27
Low-density lipoproteinmmol/L3.660.9387 624>4.20>4.27
Creatinine clearance rateCreatinine (µmol/L)93.0224.0289 284<83.87<71.08
Immune and inflammatory systemWhite blood cell countsCounts (cell 109 /L)6.061.6690 738>6.90>6.80
  • FEV1:FVC, ratio of forced expiratory volume in 1 s to forced vital capacity; HDL, high-density lipoprotein.