Table 1

Summary of the number of camps, campers and confirmed COVID-19 cases: Summer 2020

Camp descriptorNumber*Confirmed cases†
Operations for Summer 2020
 All surveyed camps148989 805743072102
 On-site48689 635743072102
Camp type (on-site only)
 Overnight5916 22810113041
 Day20625 82652162945
 Combination22047 5811231316
Camp type (on-site only)
 Single camp29570 98236276592
 Multisite camp19118 653383710
Region (on-site only)
 Midwest12417 25934103040
 Northeast11324 665851217
 South10820 6051591827
 West7811 69610178
 Missing6315 41055510
  • *Number of camps that responded to the survey; number of children on-site for Summer 2020 estimated as unique campers.

  • †Number of camps that reported cases; number of confirmed camper and staff cases.