Table 3

Linear regression models predicting follow-up cognitive function score, HAALSI, Agincourt subdistrict, Mpumalanga, South Africa, 2014–2019, N=3771

ModelAdjustmentsChange in follow-up cognitive score per one-rung increase on the SSP ladder
β95% CI
1Age, age2, sex, country of birth0.1680.110 to 0.226
2Model 1+ socioeconomic and social factors*0.0810.024 to 0.138
3Model 2+ health-related factors†0.0780.021 to 0.136
  • All models incorporate IPWs for mortality and attrition.

  • *Adjusted for model 1 covariates, plus socioeconomic and social factors (father’s main job during childhood, education, literacy, marital status, employment status, household asset quintile).

  • †Adjusted for model 1 and 2 covariates, plus health-related factors (self-rated health today compared with 1 year ago, alcohol intake frequency, number of depressive symptoms, diabetes, hypertension).

  • HAALSI, Health and Ageing in Africa: A Longitudinal Study of an INDEPTH Community in South Africa; IPW, inverse probability weights; SSP, subjective social position.