Table 3

The share of employment changes experienced by sociodemographics, wider determinants, health status and results of χ2 statistics

Changes in employment
Same jobNew jobUnemployed
 P value0.2110.243
Age group (years)
 P value0.587 <0.001
 Quintile 1 (most deprived)92.7%5.0%2.3%30.3%
 Quintile 291.7%5.2%3.1%26.7%
 Quintile 390.4%6.1%3.5%24.0%
 Quintile 488.2%7.5%4.3%22.0%
 Quintile 5 (least deprived)91.7%4.8%3.5%17.6%
 P value0.830 0.015
Employment contract
 Fixed term81.5%10.8%7.7%19.2%
 P value <0.001 <0.001
Employment hierarchy
 Job skill level 493.4%4.2%2.4%12.9%
 Job skill level 389.2%6.2%4.5%27.4%
 Job skill level 289.3%6.9%3.8%33.8%
 Job skill level 192.6%5.6%1.9%35.4%
 P value0.269 <0.001
Household total income
 Always covers basic needs92.6%5.2%2.2%20.7%
 Does not always cover basic needs86.7%7.0%6.3%32.2%
 P value <0.001 <0.001
Family unit
 No child in household90.6%6.1%3.3%24.4%
 Child in household91.7%4.9%3.4%23.3%
 P value0.6810.684
Health status
 No pre-existing condition91.8%4.8%3.4%22.3%
 Pre-existing condition89.6%7.3%3.1%26.6%
 Not sure91.5%5.6%2.8%27.1%
 P value0.4680.244
General health status
 Good or better91.1%5.8%3.0%24.1%
 Not good90.9%4.7%4.3%22.8%
 P value0.4270.694
Mental health
 Average mental well-being91.9%5.6%2.5%22.9%
 Low mental well-being84.9%3.6%11.5%31.3%
 P value <0.001 0.05
  • Bold figures denote significant observations (p<0.05).