Table 1

Measures for variables included in the national survey

Employment contractEmployment Precariousness Scale (EPRES)18 Permanent (permanent contract)
Fixed term (fixed term, 1 year or more; fixed term, between 6 and 12 months; fixed term, less than 6 months)
Atypical (temporary, no fixed term; zero-hour contract; do not have a contract)
Self-employed (self-employed)
Employment skill level (hierarchy)Office for National Statistics—SOC 202019 Employment skill level 4 (corporate managers and directors; science, research, engineering and technology professionals; health professionals; teaching and other educational professionals; business, media and public service professionals)
Employment skill level 3 (other managers and proprietors; science, engineering and technology associate professionals; health and social care associate professionals; protective service occupations; culture, media and sports occupations; business and public service associate professionals; skilled agricultural and related trades; skilled metal, electrical and electronic trades; skilled construction and building trades; textiles, printing and other skilled trades)
Employment skill level 2 (administrative occupations; secretarial and related occupations; caring personal service occupations; leisure, travel and related personal occupations; community and civil enforcement occupations; sales occupations; customer service occupations; process, plant and machine operatives; transport and mobile machine drivers and operatives)
Employment skill level 1 (elementary trades and related occupations; elementary administration and service occupations)
Pre-existing (health) conditionNational Survey for Wales21 Do you have any physical or mental health conditions or illnesses lasting or expected to last for 12 months or more?
Yes/No/Not sure
General healthNational Survey for Wales21 How is your health in general? Is it…
Good or better general health? (good, very good)
Not good general health? (fair, poor, very poor)
Mental well-beingWarwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-being Scale (short version)22 Raw scores were converted into metric scores and categorised as average or low mental well-being.
Household incomeEPRES18 Does your total household income allow you to cover your basic needs? (food, shelter and warmth)
Always covers basic needs (always)
Does not cover basic needs (most of the time, sometimes, rarely, never)
Child(ren) in householdInternal questionHow many children live with you in the following age bands? (enter a number)
(A) 0–1 year old; (B) 2–4 years old; (C) primary school age (5–10 years old); (D) secondary school age (11–17 years old)
No child(ren) in household (total is zero)
Child(ren) in household (total is 1 or more)
  • SOC, Standard Occupational Classification.