Table 2

Results of the main regression-discontinuity (RD) model and models exploring mechanisms

RD estimator95% CI
Main analysis
 Households’ total healthcare costs (US$)248.625.4 to 471.7
Breakdown of healthcare costs
 Inpatient medical costs (US$)64.38.4 to 120.2
 Outpatient medical costs (US$)96.7−0.5 to 193.9
 Pharmacy costs (US$)49.8−31.0 to 130.5
Proportions of recipients on healthcare in each month (%)2.4−1.1 to 5.8
Individual frequency of medical outpatient attendance per receipt
 Firstborn child0.03−0.17 to 0.22
 Recipients other than the firstborn child0.450.30 to 0.61
Individual healthcare costs per receipt (US$)
 Firstborn child25.0−9.0 to 59.0
 Recipients other than the firstborn child111.220.7 to 201.7
Medical care costs per outpatient attendance (US$)
 Firstborn child4.2−6.2 to 14.6
 Recipients other than the firstborn child−20.9−75.6 to 33.9