Table 3

Examples of how the just ecofeminist healthy cities approach may inform the different stages of research around public green spaces and women’s health: research design, methods and implementation practices; dissemination of results

Research stagePutting to work the just ecofeminist healthy cities approach for research on public green spaces and women’s health
Dissemination of results(1) Assure free unrestricted online availability of scientific publications and research data from the studies. Purposely link findings to planning action and even involve planners in building new scientific practices. Make results fully accessible as empowering knowledge tools to feminist or women’s support organisations and collectives, apart from environmental and health associations and practitioners.
(2) Produce dissemination materials that highlight both the novelty and value of the research approach and design, and—at the same time—emphasise the quality and importance of the findings. These could be in the form of newspaper articles and other mass media coverage, talks, social media report of results, visual material of the study results such as (interactive web-)documentaries, ArcGIS story maps or critical interactive mapping, for instance.