Table 1

The study population: most recent births to women in CPRD Pregnancy Register in England, July 2015 to June 2018 (n=34 337)

CharacteristicGP appointments in the first 12 weeks post partum*Total%National figures for all births for comparison (%)†
Women who had a maternal 6-week checkWomen who had other GP appointmentsWomen who had no GP appointment
Number of women in the sample21 4601009149100372810034 337100
Maternal age, mean (95% CI)30.9 (30.6 to 31.2)30.1 (29.8 to 30.5)29.8 (29.5 to 30.1)30.6 (30.3 to 30.9)30.3 to 30.5
 <20 years44022953125386033
 20–24 years2403111303146071643131314
 25–29 years54282525302810402889982628
 30–34 years73033428453111383111 2863332
 35–39 years4751221730196571871382118
 ≥40 years1135544651614174254
Preterm birth (<37 weeks of gestation)1345686693178.5252878
Ethnic group
 White British10 6206446836816166216 9196569
 White Other26461695614427164029158
 Asian or Asian British1456956982459227099
 Black or Black British941631351717142555
 Mixed or Other8805342515961381510
Geographical region
 North East, Yorkshire and Humber48222653902837214
 North West198691608187892143831313
 East of England15747601717452349711
 South West21371010071118253326109
 South Central3175151024112416444013N/A
 South East Coast45152118932111173075252215
Individual-level area deprivation (IMD)
 1 (least)4248251628214291463052315
 5 (most)3130181550208092654892027
Practice-level area deprivation (IMD)
 1 (least)424420126414276757841715
 5 (most)53292523732611033088052627
  • Proportions are presented as the % of non-missing, unless in italics, where % is of all women. North East and Yorkshire and Humber are combined due to small numbers.

  • *Face-to-face appointments in a GP practice.

  • †Comparison figures drawn from: Office for National Statistics (ONS)28 for mean maternal age in 2015–2017; ONS29 for maternal age groups in 2017 births; Draper et al30 for preterm birth in 2016; ONS15 for births by geographical area and IMD group in 2017; Li et al16 for births by maternal ethnicity (2006–2012).

  • CPRD, Clinical Practice Research Datalink; GP, general practitioner; IMD, Index of Multiple Deprivation; N/A, not applicable.