Table 5

Cox regression analyses assessing multivariable-adjusted risks factors to abstinence at 12 months follow-up

HR95% CIP value
Intervention group1.961.29 to 3.040.001
Sex (male)1.831.16 to 2.890.010
Middle and high motivational stage to quit smoking1.801.09 to 2.950.021
Prochaska and DiClemente stage
 Contemplation1.860.95 to 3.630.070
 Preparation2.621.15 to 6.010.022
 Action7.262.42 to 21.80<0.001
Cumulative smoking history (pack-years)0.980.96 to 0.990.011
Baseline expired-CO values (ppm determined by coximetry)0.970.95 to 0.990.036
Intensive-motivational intervention and/or use of pharmacological treatment3.171.85 to 5.45<0.001
  • HRs and were calculated for those who had the condition compared with those who did not.

  • In the multivariate analysis, HRs were adjusted by multiple variables sex, age, civil status, social class, number of children, primary healthcare professional performing the intervention, primary healthcare setting, cardiovascular disease, body mass index, physical activity, alcohol intake categorisation, smoking cumulative consumption, nicotine dependence level (Fagerström test), motivation to quit smoking level (Richmond test), Prochaska and DiClemente model stage, baseline expired-CO values, accept a specific ‘quit smoking’ medical visit, intensive-motivational intervention and/or use of pharmacological treatment. Only significant variables are shown in the table.