Table 3

Participants who attempted to quit smoking and the methods used according to randomised assignment group during the follow-up

P value
Attempt to quit smoking145 (50.9)169 (59.1)0.042
Accept a specific ‘quit smoking’ medical visit*79 (27.7)121 (42.3)<0.001
Methods used to quit smoking
Motivational intervention15 (5.3)20 (5.9)0.389
Nicotine replacement therapy14 (4.9)22 (4.9)0.172
Pharmacotherapy†18 (6.3)17 (6.3)0.853
Other approaches‡7 (2.5)7 (2.4)0.995
Smoking habit
Smoker251 (88.1)229 (71.1)0.008
No-smoker§34 (11.9)57 (19.9)
  • Data are presented as number of patients (%) and p value.

  • *Respond affirmatively to the offer for specific ‘quit smoking’ medical visit.

  • †Includes any pharmacological treatment specifically indicated to quit smoking: bupropion and varenicline.

  • ‡Includes any other alternative approaches to quit smoking such as acupuncture, hypnosis, etc.

  • §Abstinence confirmed by expired-CO level (<10 ppm) at 12 months follow-up.