Table 2

Range, mean, SD and inter-correlation of COVID-19 spread days, cumulative COVID-19 cases, GDP, population densities and spatial distances

VariableNRangeMean (SD)2345
 days3042–5344.97 (1.88)−0.49**−0.48**0.55**−0.40*
Cases (n)301–1322412.27 (395.56)0.69**−0.53**0.13
GDP300.12–7.722.25 (1.94)−0.42*0.26
Distance303.02–28.9010.68 (6.26)−0.22
Pop. density300.03–38.484.68 (7.22)
  • Days: number of days from the first COVID-19 case in China to the date when a COVID-19 case was detected in a destination province; cases (n): cumulative COVID cases; GDP: 2019 GDP (trillion RMB Yuan); distance: spatial distance (100 km) between a destination province and Hubei; and pop. density: population density (100 persons/km2). See detailed description in the text.

  • *p<0.05, **p<0.01.

  • GDP, gross domestic product.