Table 3

Results from regression analyses of the relationship between GDP and total days and cumulative COVID-19 cases

PredictorModel 1: daysModel 2: casesModel 3: cases
βP valueβP valueβP value
Pop. density−0.4.89870.5200
Data-model fit
 F (p value)8.41 (0.001)10.66 (<0.001)16.89 (<0.001)
 R2 0.440.550.56
  • Days: period from the first case reported in Hubei to the individual province reported case; cases: cumulative number of COVID-19 cases up to the date of the study; GDP: estimated GDP for 2019; distance: spatial distance (100 km) from a destination province to Hubei; pop. density: population density (100 persons/km2). In regression model 3, population density was used as weight.