Table 2

Bivariate analyses: intimate partner violence (IPV) severity by social connection among study sample (N=3355)

VariablePsychological IPVSexual IPVPhysical IPV
MeanP valueMeanP valueMeanP value
Instrumental support
Natal family contact
 >10 times4.170.1981.920.2401.720.292
 6–10 times3.931.991.78
 2–5 times4.252.031.76
 0–1 times4.922.452.03
Female companionship
  • Means generated from proc surveymeans, and adjusted for sampling weights, clusters, and stratified design.

  • Comparison of means p values generated from F-tests using proc anova and adjusted for clusters and stratified design.

  • *P≤0.01; **p≤0.001.