Table 2

Incidence rate ratios of readmissions and A&E visits, comparing homeless patients with housed patients living in socioeconomically deprived areas (results of negative binomial regression)

Adjusted on matching variablesFurther adjusted for comorbidities and ICD-10 chapter of index admission
Emergency readmissions2.92 (2.67–3.19) p<0.0012.49 (2.29–2.70) p<0.001
Planned readmissions0.63 (0.55–0.72) p<0.0010.60 (0.53–0.68) p<0.001
A&E visits3.06 (2.86–3.27) p<0.0012.57 (2.41–2.73) p<0.001
  • A&E, Accident and Emergency; ICD-10, 10th revision of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems.