Table 2

Prevalence of probable depression with 95% CI by binary assets score and COVID-19 financial stressor exposure in US adults

Low COVID-19 financial stressor exposureHigh COVID-19 financial stressor exposure
%95% CI%95% CI
Low assets34.427.4 to to 52.6
High assets10.10.7 to 13.734.226.2 to 43.1
  • Data: COVID-19 and Life stressors Impact on Mental Health and Well-being study collected from 31 March 2020 through 13 April 2020 (n=1441). Nationally representative of US adults ages 18 years and older.

  • High assets defined by having three or more of the following: household income (above $45 000), household savings (above $5000), home ownership, education (college or more) and being married. High COVID-19 financial stressor exposure defined by experiencing one or more of the following COVID-19 stressors: losing a job, having a family member lose a job, having financial difficulties and having difficulty paying rent. Low COVID-19 financial stressor exposure refers to the absence of endorsement of COVID-19-related financial stressor exposure.

  • Probable depression defined as Patient Health Questionnaire-9 score cut-off of ≥10.