Table 1

Datasets used in the study

TurinStockholmFinnish cities
Data source*Census linked to prescription registerAdministrative registers and Swedish prescribed drug registerAdministrative registers and prescription register
Sample coverage100%100%11%+80% oversample†
Baseline year200120112003
Follow-up period2002–20072012–20172004–2009
Urban Atlas data year200620122012
Number of areas92 statistical zones233 basic areas339 postal codes
Median area population (IQR)6761 (2358–12 790)4926 (2654–8748)3785 (1413–6649)
  • *Register linkages were authorised by national statistical or data protection authorities in each country.

  • †The Finnish dataset was a nationally representative 11% random sample of all Finnish residents in 2003. To increase the statistical power for small-area analysis, Statistics Finland amended the data with an 80% oversample of persons who died in 2004–2007 (probability weights were used in the analysis to account for the sampling design).