Table 1

Characteristics of the pooled sample and of the LASA (wave 2011/12) and GLOBE (wave 2014) sample

Age in years (mean±SD) 72.8±6.772.5±7.072.9±6.6
Sex (%)
Partner status (%)
 No partner28.230.027.8
Educational level (%)
 Upper secondary education or lower73.878.272.6
 Post-secondary non tertiary education or higher26.221.827.4
Household income (%)
 Below country-specific net mean household income65.147.269.9
 Above country-specific net mean household income34.952.830.1
Loneliness (%)
 Low level of loneliness31.343.628.0
 Medium level of loneliness32.333.332.0
 High level of loneliness36.423.040.0
Study (%)
Area-level population density (%)
 Quartile 1 (10–2679 residents per square kilometre)25.421.326.5
 Quartile 2 (2680–4293 residents per square kilometre)24.822.125.5
 Quartile 3 (4294–5725 residents per square kilometre)25.032.623.0
 Quartile 4 (5726–25 681 residents per square kilometre)24.824.025.0