Table 1

Baseline characteristics of 489 594 participants by educational attainment

OverallCollege or aboveHigh schoolMiddle schoolPrimary schoolNo formal educationP trend
Participant no489 59427 78973 796139 091157 49891 420
Age, year51.644.445.746.854.460.8<0.001
Female, %59.132.542.547.261.687.4<0.001
Living in urban areas,%<0.001
Currently married, %90.993.492.392.490.987.7<0.001
Occupation, %
 Managers or professionals5.354.310.
 Agricultural, manufacturing, services or sales workers62.520.455.861.268.071.4
 Other occupations4.
 Housework, retired, or unemployed27.722.529.332.528.023.8
Household income (RMB/year), %
 <10 00028.46.018.525.732.640.1
 10 000–19 99928.915.427.230.732.932.1
 ≥20 00042.878.654.343.634.527.8
Current smoker, %
Current daily alcohol drinker, %
 Eating fruit regularly*, %27.749.038.931.122.314.9<0.001
 Eating vegetable regularly*, %98.399.198.898.698.397.6<0.001
 Eating meat regularly*, %<0.001
Physical activity, MET-hour/day
BMI, kg/m2
Overweight or obesity†, %
Waist circumference, cm
Central obesity‡, %
 CVDs family history§, %<0.001
 Self-rated good health, %47.055.650.147.545.343.8<0.001
  • Means or percentages are displayed with adjustment for 5-year age groups, sex and 10 study regions where appropriate.

  • *Eating fruit, vegetables, or meat regularly: consumption frequency ≥5 days per week.

  • †Overweight or obesity: defined as BMI ≥24 kg/m2.

  • ‡Central obesity: defined as waist circumference ≥85 cm for men or ≥80 cm for women.

  • §CVDs family history: reporting at least one first-degree relative (parents and siblings) with heart disease or stroke.

  • MET, metabolic equivalent of task; BMI, body mass index; CVDs, cardiovascular diseases.