Table 2

Cox proportional hazards regression on enjoyment of life at 2004/2005 predicting T2D incidence from 2006/2007 to 2016/2017—potential mediators and confounders (N=4134)

HR95% CIP valuePPAE
Unadjusted model0.890.84 to 0.94<0.001
+Sociodemographic variables0.920.87 to 0.970.00327%
+Behavioural variables0.920.87 to 0.970.00427%
+Clinical variables0.910.86 to 0.970.00318%
+Sociodemographic, behavioural, and clinical variables0.930.87 to 0.990.02036%
  • CI, confidence interval; HR, hazards ratio; N, number; PPAE, percentage of protective association explained; T2D, type 2 diabetes.