Table 2

One-year follow-up and cumulative results for various outcome measures

Use of UCS servicesParticipants who used the UCS during the full follow-up period12220%5718%6521%
(nMSS=309, nSAU=307)Total number of contacts517238279
Number of contacts per user among users (median range)319317319
Participants who used the UCS during the exam period325%134%196%
Severity of UCS contactsTotal number of low severity contacts499%2912%207%
(nMSS=309, nSAU=307)Total number of medium severity contacts44987%20687%24387%
Total number of high severity contacts194%31%166%
Mental health resources used (self-report)None16249%7847%8451%
(nMSS=166, nSAU=165)Supervisor/director of studies/tutor9127%4427%4728%
UCS counsellor/mental health advisor6620%3119%3521%
College nurse/counsellor6018%3420%2616%
External professional counsellor/psychotherapist/psychologist4012%2213%1811%
Complementary medicine144%53%95%
Helpline, nightline, Samaritans72%42%32%
Emergency services31%11%21%
Used any resource16951%8853%8149%
Number of resources per user among users (median range)282827
Workload perceived as manageableDefinitely agree5115%3018%2113%
(nMSS=165, nSAU=166)Mostly agree13641%6640%7042%
Neither agree nor disagree5115%2012%3119%
Mostly disagree6821%3722%3119%
Definitely disagree258%127%138%
Adverse eventsParticipants with adverse events between exam period and 1-year follow-up time points112%41%72%
(nMSS=179, nSAU=169)One-year cumulative count of adverse events602832
AltruismParticipants donating at 1-year follow-up19157%10965%8249%
(nMSS=168, nSAU=167)One-year cumulative count of donations679403276
  • Showing n(%) unless otherwise stated.

  • GP, general practitioner; MSS, Mindfulness Skills for Students; SAU, support as usual; UCS, University Counselling Service.