Table 2

Association between standard of living index (SLI) in childhood and cardiovascular risk factors in pooled sample of IMS (2005–2007) and APCAPS (2010–2012)

Model 1: Age-adjusted and sex-adjustedModel 2: model 1+ adult socioeconomic conditions*
Cardiovascular risk factorNβ-Coefficient for 1 SD change in childhood SLILower confidence limitUpper confidence limitP-valueNβ-Coefficient for 1 SD change in childhood SLILower confidence limitUpper confidence limitP-value
Systolic blood pressure, mmHg13 931−0.139−0.5620.2840.52013 931−0.698−1.165−0.2320.003
Diastolic blood pressure, mmHg13 9500.040−0.2750.3550.80513 950−0.564−0.912−0.2160.001
Total cholesterol, mmol/L13 5920.0720.0410.102<0.00113 5920.006−0.0260.0390.712
LDL cholesterol, mmol/L12 9740.0550.0270.083<0.00112 974−0.010−0.0400.0200.525
Log triglycerides, mmol/L13 1440.0180.0050.0320.00913 144−0.009−0.0240.0050.212
Log fasting glucose, mmol/L13 2240.0150.0090.020<0.00113 2240.004−0.0020.0090.174
Log insulin, mU/L13 2310.0940.0680.120<0.00113 2310.021−0.0060.0480.134
Log HOMA score13 1840.1090.0820.137<0.00113 1840.025−0.0040.0540.089
Body mass index, kg/m213 9420.8120.6880.936<0.00113 9420.083−0.0320.1980.158
Waist circumference, mm13 91818.96515.86122.068<0.00113 918−0.707−3.6292.2160.636
Height, mm13 9429.0767.16810.984<0.00113 9425.1353.1857.085<0.001
  • APCAPS, Andhra Pradesh Children and Parents’ Study; HOMA, homeostasis model assessment; IMS, Indian Migration Study; LDL, low-density lipoprotein; SLI, standard of living index.

  • *Adult standard of living index (linear and quadratic term), adult occupation (categorical) and adult urban or rural residence (binary).