Table 1

Description of the study population at baseline (2004, n=3175)

VariablesMean (SD)/%
 Distance to nearest green space, m193 (139)
 Distance to nearest green or blue space, m186 (136)
 Distance to nearest green or agricultural space, m169 (129)
 Distance to nearest green, blue or agricultural space, m164 (126)
 Amount of green spaces within 300 m buffers, hectares3.46 (3.01)
 Amount of green spaces within 500 m buffers, hectares9.66 (7.70)
 Amount of green spaces within 1000 m buffers, hectares47.75 (27.61)
 Total mental health score (MHI-5)73.2 (15.7)
Time-fixed characteristics
 Male, %44.5
 Born in the Netherlands, %93.0
Educational level, %
Time-varying characteristics
 Age, mean (SD)53 (13)
 Marital status, %
 Employment, %
 Household income, %
  • MHI-5, Mental Health Inventory-5.