Table 3

Effect of eligibility to the 1959 Berthoin reform on health outcomes by gender in the 2012 Constances study (n=18 929)

β95% CIOR95% CIβ95% CIOR95% CI
Cognitive score0.150.06 to 0.241.811.26 to 2.66−0.01−0.13 to 0.120.840.60 to 1.13
CES-D score0.22−0.73 to to 1.321.520.33 to 2.711.271.05 to 1.54
Hand grip strength0.07−0.88 to to 1.27−0.73−1.51 to to 1.04
Finger tapping−0.55−1.95 to 0.850.890.65 to 1.210.05−1.37 to 1.471.300.86 to 1.99
Walking speed−0.01−0.05 to 0.020.740.53 to 1.020.02−0.02 to to 1.43
  • ORs measure the odds of being in the top quartile of cognitive and physical functioning and of reporting elevated depressive symptoms based on the CES-D recommended cut-off. All models control for age, age squared, month of birth, birth cohort relative to the cut-off point, interacted with the treatment. Standard errors are clustered at the month of birth level. The bandwidth is fixed at 48 months.

  • CES-D, Centre for Epidemiologic Studies Depression score.