Table 1

Sample characteristics by eligibility status in the 2012 Constances study (n=18 929)

Percentage*Difference (p value)
Ineligible (born before the 1 January 1953) (n=9635)Eligible (born after the 1 January 1953) (n=9293)
Mean age (SD)63.68 (1.65)59.72 (1.65)<0.001
Father’s SEP during adolescence0.19
 High SEP14.8615.47
 Intermediate SEP38.9938.77
 Low SEP46.1445.75
Father’s region of origin0.09
 France (mainland and overseas territories and departments)84.6584.70
 Northern Africa3.874.50
Educational attainment0.17
Respondent’s SEP0.12
 High SEP31.8228.35
 Intermediate SEP57.8260.39
 Low SEP10.3611.26
  • *Percentages unless otherwise indicated. Only respondents born within 48 months of the cut-off are included in our sample.

  • SEP, socioeconomic position.