Table 1

Descriptive statistics for the study variables (N=14 697)

n%Prevalence (%) of out-of-home care (ages 0–12)Cases (%) of premature mortality (ages 20–56)
Grade 6 marks (age 13)
 Above average833656.724.683.71
 At or below average547237.239.896.16
 No marks8896.0513.277.20
Grade 9 marks (age 16)
 Above average756051.444.293.32
 At or below average561338.198.395.81
 No marks152410.3716.678.73
Grade 12 marks (age 19)
 Above average451430.713.172.97
 At or below average236416.084.103.26
 No marks781953.2010.356.38
Household occupational class (age 0)
 Upper and upper-middle class198913.531.564.12
 Middle class545337.105.524.57
 Skilled working class399027.159.025.31
 Unskilled working class270718.4211.305.25
Household economic poverty (ages 0–6)Minimum=0 year, maximum=7 years, mean=0.39 year28.32*7.47*
Maternal age (age 0)
 19 years or younger4513.0719.737.10
 20–39 years11 16075.937.425.00
 40 years or older5153.507.574.08
 Missing information257117.493.623.85
Maternal marital status (age 0)
 Married12 87087.575.484.70
  • *Refers to those with household economic poverty registered for at least 1 year.