Table 3

Results of the indicators in the 15–64 years age group, divided according to sex and socioeconomic level (Catalonia, 2015)

Individuals aged 15–64 yearsUnemployment allowance expired, RMI/RAIUnemployment allowanceUnemployment benefit expiredUnemployment benefitIncome<18 000€Income 18,000€ - 100,000€Income>1 00 000€Max/Min
Mortality rate (includes 0–64 years) (per 1000 inhabitants)
Mortality rate due to suicide (per 100.000 inhabitants)3.312.13.312.13.312.13.312.
Individuals with high morbidity (%)
Individuals seen at primary care (%)82.868.880.770.364.
Mean primary care visits8.
Individuals seen at emergency care (%)39.133.433.531.424.419.728.825.629.826.121.520.711.7113.43.0
Mean emergency care visits2.
Individuals seen at mental health centres (%)
Mean mental health centre visits6.675.
Hospitalisation rate (per 1000 inhabitants)106.378.983.076.769.440.280.956.675.550.052.843.921.
Preventable hospitalisation rate (per 1000 inhabitants)
Surgical hospitalisation rate (per 1000 inhabitants)
Psychiatric hospitalisation rate (per 1000 inhabitants)
Individuals consuming medication (%)
Mean n° of prescriptions25.220.515.414.715.714.714.013.413.112.311.312.
Individuals consuming psychoactive drugs (%)
Individuals consuming anxiolytics (%)24.213.619.
Individuals consuming antidepressants (%)
Individuals consuming antipsychotics (%)
  • ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; RAI, active integration income; RMI, minimum integration income.