Table 2

Results of the indicators in the under-15 group, divided according to sex and socioeconomic level (Catalonia, 2015)

Individuals under 15 yearsUnemployment allowance expired, RMI/RAIUnemployment allowanceUnemployment benefit expiredUnemployment benefitIncome <€18 000Income €18 000€ to €100 000Income >€100 000Max/min
Individuals with high morbidity (%)
Individuals seen at primary care (%)86.486.687.086.866.867.782.583.386.686.778.679.355.855.21.61.6
Mean primary care visits7.
Individuals seen at emergency care (%)37.541.037.139.826.229.433.235.534.437.228.431.417.
Mean emergency care visits2.
Individuals seen at mental health centres (%)5.911.45.910.
Mean mental health centre visits6.
Hospitalisation rate (per 1000 inhabitants)45.658.038.455.929.041.131.745.333.548.926.439.413.426.73.42.2
Surgical hospitalisation rate (per 1000 inhabitants)16.725.415.623.810.117.812.121.114.523.312.
Psychiatric hospitalisation rate (per 1000 inhabitants)
Individuals consuming medication (%)69.970.566.466.747.448.760.261.462.263.650.652.532.333.52.22.1
Mean no. of prescriptions6.
Individuals consuming psychoactive drugs (%)
Individuals consuming anxiolytics (%)
Individuals consuming antidepressants (%)
Individuals consuming antipsychotics (%)
Individuals consuming ADHD drugs (%)