Table 1

Subjective and objective distribution of physical activities: ages 50+

Subjective Objective 
The Netherlands (LISS)The USA (UAS)England (ELSA)The Netherlands (LISS)The USA (UAS)England (ELSA)
Inactive (%)8105203821
Mildly active (%)213223202218
Moderately active (%)423443201417
Active (%)252026201127
Very active (%)353201417
Observations (n)447279248447283254
χ 2(4) P value χ 2(4) P value
LISS vs UAS13.540.008935.573.6e-07
LISS vs ELSA2.290.6815.74.2194
UAS vs ELSA13.420.01032.68551.38e-06
  • ELSA, English Longitudinal Study of Ageing; LISS, Longitudinal Internet Studies for the Social Sciences; UAS, Understanding America Study.