Table 5

Distribution of responses by level of activity (50+)

Vigorous activityModerate activityMild activity
The Netherlands (LISS)The USA (UAS)England (ELSA)The Netherlands (LISS)The USA (UAS)England (ELSA)The Netherlands (LISS)The USA (UAS)England (ELSA)
Hardly ever, or never (%)45412222176217584
One to three times a month (%)91791520157118
Once a week (%)1811122213715261
More than once a week (%)29315841491660576
χ(3)P valueχ(3)P valueχ(3)P value
LISS vs UAS17.570.0005413.430.003834.791.3e-7
LISS vs ELSA59.916.1e-13124.518.2e-27323.051.0e-69
UAS vs ELSA45.397.6e-10117.482.7e-25353.213.0e-76
  • ELSA, English Longitudinal Study of Ageing; LISS, Longitudinal Internet Studies for the Social Sciences; UAS, Understanding America Study.