Table 3

Factor loadings for optimal model reflecting the four factors of sociodemographic, geographical environments, health conditions and risk factors

Factor loadings
SociodemographicGeographical environmentsHealth conditionsRisk factors
Child speaks language other than English0.26
Child has medical condition or disability0.11
Main caregiver income0.53
Household income0.77
Main caregiver speaks language other than English0.16
Main caregiver level of education0.43
Main caregiver occupation0.56
Main caregiver financial hardship0.55
Parents of child are partners0.62
Number of people in household0.14
Neighbourhood liveability0.34
Community socioeconomic status0.94
Urban versus regional location0.63
Child tooth decay0.25
Main caregiver depression0.87
Main caregiver medical condition or disability0.31
Child body mass index0.14
Main caregiver body mass index0.19
Child eats high fat foods and high sugar drinks0.16
Main caregiver smoking status0.30
Main caregiver binge drinking0.11
Child unmet need for services0.28
Main caregiver physical arguments with partner0.48
Home education environment0.19
Number of homes child lived in0.16
Child physical inactivity0.09
Main caregiver argumentative partner relationship0.54
Main caregiver angry parenting style0.37
Stressful life events within the family0.40
Main caregiver unmet need for social support0.64
  • P<0.05 for all loadings.