Table 4

Pathway from SEP to non-allergic asthma

Low versus high socioeconomic positionMiddle versus high socioeconomic position
OR*(95% CI)POR*(95% CI)P
BMI z-score
 NDE1.433(1.380 to 1.488)<0.0011.204(0.883 to 1.641)0.241
 NIE1.001(0.996 to 1.007)0.6351.000(0.999 to 1.001)0.659
 NDE1.455(1.288 to 1.643)<0.0011.203(1.005 to 1.441)0.045
 NIE0.991(0.978 to 1.004)0.1831.000(0.997 to 1.003)0.996
 NDE1.456(0.866 to 2.449)0.1561.204(0.970 to 1.495)0.093
 NIE0.996(0.992 to 1.000)0.0450.998(0.995 to 1.001)0.135
  • *Adjusted for sex, ethnicity, caesarean, firstborn, smoke in utero, smoke infancy and breast feeding.

  • †WHtR values presented as WHtR/10.

  • BMI, body mass index; NDE, natural direct effect; NIE, natural indirect effect; WC, waist circumference; WHtR, waist-to-height ratio.