Table 1

Index of multiple deprivation domains, 2015*

Domain (weight)Subdomains
Income (22.5%)
  • Adults and children in income support families

  • Adults and children in income-based jobseeker’s allowance families

  • Adults and children in income-based employment and support allowance families

  • Adults and children in pension credit (guarantee) families

  • Adults and children in child tax credit and working tax credit families, below 60% median income not already counted

  • Asylum seekers in England in receipt of subsistence support, accommodation support or both

Employment (22.5%)
  • Claimants of jobseeker’s allowance, aged 18–59/64

  • Claimants of employment and support allowance, aged 18–59/64

  • Claimants of incapacity benefit, aged 18–59/64

  • Claimants of severe disablement allowance, aged 18–59/64

  • Claimants of carer’s allowance, aged 18–59/64

Health and disability (13.5%)
  • Years of potential life lost: age/sex standardised measure of premature death

  • Comparative illness and disability ratio: age/sex standardised morbidity/disability ratio

  • Acute morbidity: age/sex standardised rate of emergency admission to hospital

  • Mood and anxiety disorders: composite score based on the rate of adults suffering from mood and anxiety disorders, hospital episodes data, suicide mortality data and health benefits data

Education, skills and training (13.5%)
  • Key stage 2 attainment: average points score

  • Key stage 4 attainment: average points score

  • Secondary school absence

  • Staying on in education post 16

  • Entry to higher education

  • Adults with no or low qualifications, aged 25–59/64

  • English language proficiency, aged 25–59/64

Crime (9.3%)
  • Recorded crime rates for: violence; burglary; theft; criminal damage

Barriers to housing and services (9.3%)
  • Road distance to: post office; primary school; general store/supermarket; GP surgery

  • Household overcrowding

  • Homelessness

  • Housing affordability

Living environment (9.3%)
  • Housing in poor condition

  • Houses without central heating

  • Air quality

  • Road traffic accidents

  • *Details available in the 2015 technical report of the English Indices of Deprivation.28

  • GP, general practitioner.