Table 1

Position and number of interviewees and their field of activity

PositionnField of activity
Directors of international agencies or EU officials3Related to health
High positions in Central and Regional government
(Ministers, Secretaries of State, General and Under Secretaries, General Director, assimilated)
14Health (9)/health at regional level (3)/foreign affairs (1)/environment and agriculture (1)
Deputy directors (4) and other high-level public officials (8)12Health/culture/foreign affairs
Elected representatives3Two members of Parliament and a Major related to health
Academics5University/research centres/health centres
Leaders from labour unions, professional corporations or scientific associations and lobby groups5Related to health
Directors of institutional relations5Pharmaceuticals, food and beverage industries
Journalists7Three specialised media, four general media (one general director, three chief editors, one section chief and two journalists)
  • EU, European Union.